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At Roots BIM, we draw inspiration from the strength of a tree’s network of roots, deeply anchored in the ground, ensuring its longevity and sustainability. With nearly three decades of combined experience, our founders have cultivated a vision that resonates with this natural resilience.

Roots BIM’s mission is threefold: to establish a robust project foundation for our clients, to foster unparalleled efficiency across all project stakeholders from inception to completion, and to contribute to the creation of enduring, sustainable buildings that stand the test of time. Just as a tree’s roots nourish its growth, our expertise nourishes every project we undertake, ensuring they thrive and flourish for years to come.

vision & mission

our vision & mission


Roots BIM sees a construction environment where projects grow from solid foundations, embrace optimal efficiency, and shine as beacons of sustainable innovation, inspired by the idea of a tree’s robust network of roots.


We create project excellence at Roots BIM by injecting deep-rooted BIM expertise, establishing strong foundations, maximizing efficiency across stakeholders, and nurturing sustainable buildings for long-term success.

Like a network of roots deep in the ground make a tree strong and sustainable,

Roots BIM delivers value at the core of the project to achieve our objectives.

why choose us

Roots BIM provide the best for you and your business

Roots BIM, unlike other BIM firms, provides a full portfolio of services ranging from BIM for Presentation, Construction, and Management to Raster to Vector Conversion and a variety of Specialty Services. This multidimensional strategy guarantees that your project is managed seamlessly from start to finish, reducing the need to engage several service providers.

Roots BIM distinguishes itself by providing cutting-edge Speciality Services including Renderings, API & Dynamo Scripting, and Scan to BIM. These services infuse creativity and innovation into your projects by adding an aesthetic and technological dimension. We automate procedures to save time and improve accuracy using our knowledge in API and Dynamo Scripting.

Clients pick Roots BIM because we have a strong alignment with resilience and sustainability, which is mirrored by the strength of a tree's roots. The vision of our founders represents this attitude, assuring clients of our dedication to constructing long-lasting constructions.

What actually distinguishes Roots BIM is our everlasting commitment to our clients. Our staff conducts in-depth needs assessments, designing solutions to each client's specific demands. We maintain open communication from project inception through post-delivery assistance to ensure your vision is realized.

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