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we provide the best service for our client

At Roots BIM, we draw inspiration from the strength of a tree’s network of roots, deeply anchored in the ground, ensuring its longevity and sustainability.

With nearly three decades of combined experience, our founders have cultivated a vision that resonates with this natural resilience.


The "BIM for Presentation" service from Roots BIM is a well woven creative tapestry. Elevate your project's visual narrative through meticulously crafted 3D models that captivate and communicate.Our specialists transform challenging architectural ideas into compelling visual experiences that help stakeholders quickly understand design intent. Read More


We reinvent the construction process by seamlessly fusing technology and knowledge. With careful 3D modeling, precise clash detection, and thorough project coordination, we guarantee that every element of your construction endeavor perfectly lines up. Read More


Our BIM Management Services facilitate stakeholder cooperation, communication, and decision-making. Our specialized team uses Building Information Modelling to visualize and improve project management, from strategic planning to resource allocation. Obtain real-time insights on project status, resource usage, and possible conflicts to enable prompt intervention. Read More


With Roots BIM's Raster to Vector Conversion solution, unleash the power of precision. This specialized product converts scanned blueprints, drawings, and photographs into precise, editable vector files, seamlessly linking the analogue and digital worlds. Bid manual tracing farewell and welcome to efficiency. Read More


Roots BIM, an industry pioneer, proudly offers its outstanding Speciality Services, a trio of innovations ready to alter your projects.
1. Rendering
2. API & Dynamo Scripting
3. Scan to BIM
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how we work

Description of our steps in cooperation to build a more advanced business


Needs Evaluation and Consultation

Our procedure starts with a thorough needs analysis. We have in-depth conversations with clients to fully comprehend their project needs, objectives, and vision


Designing a Customized Solution

Our team creates a tailored solution that best meets the needs of the client once the project's scope is known. For each stage of the project, this entails choosing the proper BIM methodology, tools, and technology.


Implementation and Creative Improvement

We proceed to implementation now that the solution is in place. To turn ideas into reality, our professionals use techniques and software that are at the forefront of their field.


Delivery and Quality Control

Our quality assurance team thoroughly evaluates the work before the project is delivered to make sure it satisfies the highest standards. We thoroughly examine everything for precision, comprehensiveness, and adherence to project requirements.