BIM for Management Services

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Seamlessly integrating technology and expertise, we empower you with comprehensive control and oversight throughout your project's lifecycle.

Our BIM Management Services facilitate stakeholder cooperation, communication, and decision-making. Our specialized team uses Building Information Modelling to visualize and improve project management, from strategic planning to resource allocation. Obtain real-time insights on project status, resource usage, and possible conflicts to enable prompt intervention.


Utilize Roots BIM’s BIM for Management Services to foresee difficulties, reduce risks, and guarantee adherence to budgets and deadlines. Our method increases productivity overall, reduces rework, and improves transparency. Our customized solutions encourage informed decisions, whether it is for managing change requests, monitoring budgets, or tracking milestones. Discover a new standard in project governance that guarantees the accuracy, foresight, and success of your entire vision.

  • BEP Preparation
  • Facility Management/Asset Tagging
  • COBie Data Integration
  • Combined Coordinated Service Model/Drawing
  • As-Built Model/Drawing