Raster to Vector Conversion

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Seamlessly bridging the analog and digital realms, this specialized offering transforms scanned plans, drawings, and images into accurate, editable vector formats.

With Roots BIM’s Raster to Vector Conversion solution, unleash the power of precision. This specialized product converts scanned blueprints, drawings, and photographs into precise, editable vector files, seamlessly linking the analogue and digital worlds. Bid manual tracing farewell and welcome to efficiency.


To ensure that every detail is accurately preserved, our knowledgeable team uses state-of-the-art technology and painstaking processes. The Raster to Vector Conversion solution preserves the quality of your original content while enabling smooth incorporation into digital workflows, whether it be sophisticated designs, mechanical schematics, or architectural blueprints.


Enjoy the ease of having up-to-date, editable files that promote cooperation, enable precise measurements, and support quick changes. Roots BIM’s Raster to Vector Conversion service equips you to confidently navigate the digital landscape, streamlining operations and improving the quality of your projects. This includes easier project management and clearer communication.

  • CAD Drafting
  • Redline and As-built Update
  • Format Conversion (DWG to PDF/DGN & vice versa)
  • Landscaping Service