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At Roots BIM, our "BIM for Construction" service stands as a cornerstone of precision and efficiency in the construction landscape.

We reinvent the construction process by seamlessly fusing technology and knowledge. With careful 3D modeling, precise clash detection, and thorough project coordination, we guarantee that every element of your construction endeavor perfectly lines up.


To produce thorough construction-ready models, our skilled professionals work seamlessly with architects, engineers, and contractors. This method minimizes errors and delays while streamlining planning and execution. We enable teams to optimize scheduling, resource allocation, and budget management using the cognitive sequencing and visualization capabilities of BIM.


Our BIM technologies provide thorough pre-visualization, decreasing on-site uncertainty, for complex structural components as well as complex MEP systems. The outcome? improved project effectiveness, reduced waste, and a construction process that smoothly converts digital models into physical reality. “BIM for Construction” is more than just a service at Roots BIM, it’s a testament to our commitment to building a better tomorrow.

• 3D Model at Various LODs

○ Exterior Facade

○ Interior Layout Including Ceiling

○ Civil Site & Landscape

○ Cast in Place & Precast

○ Steel/Wood/Concrete

○ Embedment, Stud Rail, Column Barrier & PT Cable

○ Electrical, LV, ELV Containment, Equipment, Switchgears

○ Plumbing Pipes, Equipment, Accessories.

○ Mechanical Duct & Pipes, Equipment, Accessories

○ Fire Sprinklers, Equipment, Accessories

○ Pneumatic Tubing

○ Medical Gas Piping, Equipment, Accessories

○ Design Built Update

○ Family/Equipment Model Creation as per Cutsheet

• DryWall Framing

○ CFMF (Cold Formed Metal Framing)

○ Wood Framing

○ Shop Drawings & Bill of Materials

• Construction Drawings

○ PNID’s (Process & Instrumentation Diagrams)

○ Schematic Drawings

○ Design Development Drawings – Lighting, Power

  • Permit Drawings

• Shop Drawings

○ Facade Shop Drawings

○ Ceiling Shop Drawings

○ CIP Concrete Outline Drawings

○ Precast Shop Drawings

○ Formwork Shop Drawings

○ Embed Shop Drawings

○ Shoring Layout and Detailing

○ Stud Rail Drawings

• 2D Drawings (MEPFP)

○ Detailed Installation Drawings for MEPFP

○ Combined Shop Drawings

○ Builders work Drawings (Wall, Slab, Section)

○ Module/Assembly Drawings, Spool Drawings

○ Riser/Isometric Drawings

○ Schematic Drawings

• Spatial Coordination with all services

○ Fly zone Creation (Corridors, Speciality Rooms)

○ RCP Coordination

○ Access and Maintenance Coordination

○ Wall Coordination (Kitchen, Teaching Walls)

○ Clash Detection & Report Creation

○ Clash Resolution

• Constructability Analysis & Value Addition

• 3D Model Validation

• Construction Phasing

• Quantity Take-off