Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Replacement Facility

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• Scope of work:
○ Piping Design & installation
• Challenges Faced:
○ Design cohesion from inspiration to construction
• Area (Square Footage):
○ 866,000 sqft
• Type of Project:
○ Hospital

The opportunity to construct a new replacement hospital afforded the Elmhurst, Ill.-based Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare the opportunity to rethink the way it delivered patient services. The result is the $450-million Elmhurst Memorial Integrated Health Facility, a 1-million-sq-ft campus exclusively dedicated to enhancing integrated patient-focused care.

The $450-million, 1-million-sq-ft Elmhurst facility is exclusively dedicated to enhancing integrated patient-focused care.

The approach called for integrating the viewpoints of staff, patients and other stakeholders. Construction of full-scale mock-ups of in-patient, critical-care and emergency exam rooms during design development aided the process. Each room type was evaluated on the basis of five quality milestones before trades duplicated their efforts in remaining rooms.

Elmhurst (Ill.) Memorial Healthcare recently took the opportunity not only to replace an outdated, landlocked hospital building, but also to redefine the way they treat patients.

When the system set out to build a replacement facil­ity, it established five main goals for the new building: clinical quality, safety, market growth, financial performance and patient satisfaction. Central to these is the patient experience, says Gail Warner, vice president, strategic planning, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare.